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First of all, I’m actually looking forward to the prospect of going out with the kids for Halloween this year. I’ve managed to miss it every year I’ve been here, either because I didn’t have anywhere to take them or I was otherwise incapacitated (recovering from surgery, incredibly pregnant, or in the hospital). Tank Girl? Maybe.

In other news, I’m continuing the house-hunting thing. After all, we’ve got to have some place to go once we get there.

As I mentioned yesterday, we’re not buying a house yet. I’m so done with the debt thing right now, and until it gets under control, there’s just no way I can see taking that on.

So, it’s looking at apartments and small houses. For our price, we’re pretty well stuck with two bedrooms… which means lending a kid regularly to the in-laws. *wink-wink* Or, to put it another way, only listing three kids on the lease and maybe keep Joseph and Miles at Gramma’s during the week so that they can go to school at Peabody.

It’s a thought.


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  1. November 1, 2009

    I could’ve sworn you and Mage and the kids and Lark all went to that one thing last year. I forget where it was held, some kind of community center or something. Anyway, I’m pretty sure you went. I know I didn’t.

    • November 2, 2009

      Yeah, we went to that thing, but I was more talking about taking them trick-or-treating.

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