A explanation and a … rant?

So, I kinda got a little frustrated with the WordPress upgrade not happening for over a month, despite trying nearly every day.  I even did the “work-around” to get the upgrade folder to do it’s thing automatically, but that wasn’t so great, either.  Finally, I just blew it all away, and for whatever reason, Fantastico decided that I didn’t need the database either, even though I tried to tell it that I did.

Now what we’re left with is an import that I finally got to work from my LiveJournal account.  Holy crap, can you believe that I’ve been using LJ since January of 2005?  Yeah… I’m deleting a lot of stuff.  “Pruning”, it’s called.

And now for the rant…

wait… not really.  I just realized that things that bother me are not things that can be discussed in public because they involve words that make some people blush.  Why would I shy away from things like that, you might ask?  No, I’m not mellowing in my old age.  I just like saving the ZING for the right moment.  “Never let them see you coming!”

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