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When you work in the corporate world, there is a set of qualifications that you’re supposed to have to get a job. Most people don’t have those qualifications – they have buddies or else they can pull off a heck of a snow-job in the interview. Then you have temps who have been lulled into the lie that if they just do any job they’re assigned good enough, they might get hired on full-time. In an attempt to qualify for as many of these jobs as possible, they end up over-qualifying for most jobs period. In the meantime, the people who are in the initial jobs in the corporate sector only do actual work about 40% of the time. When temps come in and do work 80% to 100% of the time, they find themselves out on the street because there is no more work for them to do.

I have faced this beast repeatedly, and it’s won every time. I’m over it. I’m grateful for my job, and I’m looking forward to doing it for a long time, but I also want to make a different world for myself.

Look for the new Shut Up And Dance to launch sometime soon.

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