A whubba-huh?

She did WHAT?!?

This woman… what the hell am I going to do with her…!

I mentioned that I wanted her to send me a copy of the tattoo that she wants because I wanted to practice on the style while I’m saving up for the starter tattoo machine and setup that I found. I have a personal goal of finishing a certain number of pages before I order it.

Correction: HAD a personal goal. Past tense. Because she ordered it (or rather, had me order it) yesterday.


And a number of pieces of practice skin, too.

In her words, “That’s not that much to pay for my first tattoo.”

So, that whole thing about being able to get back in the artistic saddle again… the universe is conspiring for me.

I would be so awesome to get through that and then be able to actually work as a tattoo artist. Chicks tend to make really killer cash at tattooing because people feel more comfortable with them, they have to be better artists to compete with the “rock stars”, and there’s less chance of having the Clash of the Egos. (There are more reasons, but you get the idea…)

That means that the money I was budgeting out can go to the OTHER part of the tattooing thing – the Autoclave. What? You didn’t think I was going to tattoo PEOPLE without one, did you? There will be no tattooing of the people without an autoclave – only practice skin. And fruit.

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  1. January 26, 2008

    Nice! My ink was done by a woman, too. And I’ve heard oranges make a good practice surface.

  2. January 28, 2008


    Have to take pictures of them. Tattoo a picture of an apple on a peach.. lol 🙂

    When you gets all your practicing done.. I’m sure I could round up a few people to take a road trip.. I know I sure would. 🙂

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