A word on global warming:


Now, to be more specific, this guy talks about how certain journalists lie about global warming, and how the frikkin’ Washington Post is proliferating the lie. Okay… is this “giving two sides equal time to view an opinion”, or is this blatant stupid-mongering?

This got me to thinking briefly… can we really call on the First Amendment as a justification for printing outright lies, especially knowing full well that the reputation of the publisher is sometimes respected by certain people? If “fair and balanced publishing” had to include all sides regardless of credibility, would the newspaper be in any way responsible or liable if they had once touted the high virtue and good intentions of that nice boy, James Warren Jones (of Jonestown fame)?

What is the reasonable limit on how far we should let a journalism organization go on their own agenda before reining it back in? With crap like this being peddled, I’d hope that the Washington Post goes down in as many fiery flames as the Rocky Mountain News – although, I tend to think that the Post is far more deserving of the fate.

With that, know that we’re going into March, and the high today will be 66 deg F. It’s supposed to potentially get up into the 80s this week. Normally, we are under serious snow right now.

And they say that “nothing’s wrong”…

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  1. March 2, 2009

    Dear, calm down, that is a columnist, and as all serious newsroom editors go, columnists and actual news reporters never read each other’s article, nor do they interact with each other.

    If people start pointing to opinion pieces and scream it as fact, that’s no better then me screaming rush limbaugh is right, it’s just silly.

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