About that little Thanksgiving Day episode

I am not, as I have mentioned before, allowed to get mad about things for any length of time. Others are more than welcome to get pissy and resentful and kick rockets and whatever else, but it just doesn’t work that way for me. Even when I have a legitimate reason to be angry, it passes quickly (whether I like it or not) and the universe hands me a different set of problems to deal with, usually in reference to whatever made me mad in the first place.

Kira said something about the sister-in-law’s reaction that I thought was very interesting. She mentioned that people who are put in a position (or choose to be in the position) to take care of an ailing and/or dieing parent (especially) have very odd emotional reactions. Kira observed that sometimes that sense of being “the only one that can care for X” and actively harboring resentment and aggression towards other care providers is relatively normal. This can stem from a lot of deeper emotional issues, such as feeling unloved or unwanted as a child, wanting to earn that love, feeling like past mistakes have not been made up for, etc.

In my typical fashion, I asked for a little bit of help to get the questions resolved. There are several things in there that I am not at liberty to discuss, but now the problem I’m facing is how to get the help to A without her being defensive, considering that she’s chosen me as the Enemy. (There’s always at least one Enemy in situations like this where the real “enemy” is nothing that you can fight.) It may mean some anonymous gifting, or maybe some very slight familial manipulation to create circumstances under which her stress is apparent.

I may have to channel more information and design some tests and experiments to determine how accurate they are in the translation. The fear of death can do strange, strange things to humans, especially when it’s the death of someone besides themselves.

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