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When we get into the healing arts, one of the first things we have to establish is who we’re trying to help, who we’re trying to save. This helps us determine our motivation, which is where we must each begin.

Tonight, I got the chance to work on my daughter. Normally, we should be cautious about working on people too close to us. It’s very easy to lose your perspective and act from a place of preconceived notions. As a professional, I try very hard to maintain my objectivity, and working with my kids is a great way to put that to the test.

Yes, we can sometimes perceive their issues through our own expectations, but if you can beat that problem, who better to help them than the person they instinctively trust the most?

It requires such a higher level of honesty, but it can also provide an exercise in nonjudgment and clarity.

Tomorrow, I’m going to do the same thing with one of my sons with EFT and Reiki. It’s an effective method, and it will bring us closer together, I hope. I know it’s already worked wonders for me and my girl.

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