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Sick kids… what a way to start their homeschooling again, with SICK DAYS. Just because they get to stay home to learn doesn’t mean their brains are going to function even through viruses. They get to either stay in bed or watch TV all day.

In other news, I’ve been promoted to Administrator in one of my Ravelry groups so that I could make a wiki page of all of the groups that our members knit/crochet for. The group is “Charity Knitting” (yeah, it’s a stretch), but that’s not what I wanted to mention:

In doing this, I’m struck with how many people took their grief and have used it to make organizations and charities and projects in the memory of the people they’ve lost or nearly lost. The one that I found today through WhipUp.Net during their “Month of Kids’ Crafts” is called Caitlin’s Smiles. It’s a site that creates arts and crafts packages for terminally ill children in hospitals. They take craft donations and money donations.

I guess, in a lot of ways, I did the same thing, but in a more direct prevent-it-from-happening-again kind of way. I refused to buy into the fatalistic and defeatist “you can’t prevent it” attitude and instead dedicated the energy and time of my grieving to finding out ways to keep it from happening to other people. All of my medical records, all of my experiences were donated to the Pregnancy Institute and Dr. Jason Collins to help understand why that bad thing happened and how to educate the medical community enough to keep it from happening again.

In other news, we’re closer to a playable build for the next American McGee game. I’m very excited about this! It makes me happy!

In knitting news, I’m expanding my repertoire. Big secret projects and stuff. A few of them. And still working on Yule presents, because I said I would.

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