All’s fair in love and rar.

Imbalances in various systems throughout the body are suck to deal with, but grumpiness is painfully compounded when there are actual problems that thwart our attempts at correction.

I think that’s been a major underlying factor in my insufferable bitchiness.

Among the issues I’ve found myself experiencing anxiety about:

* [b]Building onto the house[/b]. This was an issue this morning, and I started getting really upset about it.

* [b]Issues with work, and especially a distinct lack of both support and direction.[/b] I now feel like I’m supposed to pass off a miracle with no assistance, and I fear that our window of opportunity has closed.

* [b]”Social injustice” doesn’t cover the problems we’re facing as a planet.[/b]

* [b]Diabetes sucks dick badly.[/b]

* [b]I hate spam.[/b]


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