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Totally unrelated (or maybe it is): I was dreaming about a little girl, probably around 10 years old, who had some kind of lymphatic cancer, and Dan was working with another doctor while relying on my help in trying to cure her.  This other doctor was planning on doing surgery, and I remember thinking that there had to be other ways, better ways, to do this.  We were in a non-sterile, non-hospital environment, and I was holding the girl in my arms, kind of around a corner to protect her from the wind, and we were talking about how she needed to not feel stressed by the air blowing on her.

There was a cat there, too – white and light gray and black, I think – who was very attached to the girl.  The cat kept trying to lay down on the area that the other doctor was trying to set up for the surgery, to bless it, but I tried to pick it up and keep it from there.  ”You can’t lay there, sweetness,” I told it, “because if your hair gets into the table, we won’t be able to do surgery.”  The cat and I stared at each other for a moment because that’s exactly what it wanted – for the surgery to not happen – and I didn’t really want them to do it, either, but I wasn’t certified yet, so I didn’t have a say.

There was such an intense feeling of wanting to help this girl, to help her heal, that I felt at odds with Dan and the other doctor.  I knew that they were trying to do the best that they could, but I could see where it just wasn’t working – where it wasn’t going to work – and I was also struggling with the reality that sometimes, there’s nothing we can do at all.  I wanted to try something different, but this one little lymph node on the front of the chest was so abnormal that they felt like they had to get aggressive with it.

I remember that there was some other aspect to this that the mother had tried to take her to a hospital, but there was something intrinsically wrong with the people who were available.  I remember listening to the woman crying as she explained that she knew they had this remedy or treatment, but she couldn’t find anyone who actually knew how to use it or had permission to.

The colors of this dream were very light and oddly cheerful, though not bright or blaring.  They were comforting and supportive.

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