And now it’s even shorter.

But that’s not even the best part of last night.

So, I went out with shorty_red and had a pretty excellent time going to Barnes and Nobles and the grocery store, with Daniel tagging along. I also got the fur coat unloaded, but it’s on consignment, so we’ll see if it sells or not. I’m hoping with the holiday season coming up, someone will decide that a $300 mink is perfect for some wife or girlfriend.

I also cut Shorty’s hair again, so now she’s back to short and sassy. 🙂

Later, it was bath time since we kinda missed it on Sunday night. I let the boys play for a little while, and then about the time I was getting ready to start the soap-and-shampoo part, Bob from next door called. He was just north of the Oklahoma-Texas border and needed to vent for a bit, which was fine, but in that time, the boys got froggy and Daniel was jumping around and managed to slip and fall and bonk his face.

Now, I’m definitely a proponent of keeping a current medical kit around for just such an emergency. Luckily, just a few days ago, I went through the kit we’d had for ages and took out all of the pieces that were expired – like, the triple antibiotic ointment and pain killers. I replaced all this with comfrey and arnica and a few other natural and homeopathic remedies, so we had it on hand to pump Daniel up with arnica and thereby avoid a nice big bruise on his cheek.

(I swear, I don’t abuse my kids! They’re just… all… BOYS!)

The grumpies hit me hard after that, probably directly related to my post yesterday, but through some bizarre miracle of awesomeness, the kids all got into bed AND ASLEEP at a decent hour. That left me time to myself to … write an article for Red Carpet Crash. Okay, that didn’t take that long, and I got to “cuddle myself”.

I feel much better today.

About an hour after I finally got to sleep, I was having a really weird nightmare about a zombie-pocalypse. (I blame Shorty again, and Miles.) Okay, zombies, blah blah blah… and that’s what was weird about it. The danger was there, the key elements of the voice being taken away were there (not being able to scream for help, for instance), the overarching creepiness, but none of it really bothered me. It was like, “eh, there’s the zombie problem, here’s what we have to do to protect ourselves, I can’t scream for help… oh, well.” I just didn’t bother me. Instead of being scared, I was dissatisfied with it, vaguely irritated by the inconvenience of it all, and ultimately apathetic to the whole scenario.

I woke up, went potty, and then went back to sleep without further incident.

So, basic dream analysis says that I feel like I’m not being heard. (Well, we know where that comes from and how and why.) The fear that others are not as conscientious about their ability to “do good” is obvious (why was my little band of people okay and everyone else were zombies). I even understand what the dream was telling me and why.

Maybe I was just hoping for a little more creativity from my subconscious. Maybe it’s just burned out on sending the same message again and again. Whatever the case, it’s another step in the Change, and it’s happening. I’m listening, okay? No more zombies. They’re getting boring.

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