And the Cute Attacks continue

It turns out that Joseph is learning more and more of his words, but hasn’t quite figured out the contexts. So, this morning, I asked him if he wanted eggs for breakfast, and he said, “No…” and shook his head. And then I asked him if he wanted chocolate cake, or chocolate chip cookies, or toast, or bacon, all with the same answer. Then I asked him what he wanted for breakfast, and he said, “Up!”

With any luck, the Normality Factor will be updated soon. Joe and I are working on a new design. He said “white board”, but I’m thinking “chalkboard” more, I think… with his skills, I might be able to implement a more interesting chalk-board design, with wingdings and such.

Only two days until my letter gets to Cassidy’s mom. Not like I’m nervous or anything.

Okay, I’m really, really nervous.

Yesterday, I felt like crap. Slept on and off from four in the morning until one in the afternoon. Or, more specifically, I DIDN’T sleep on and off – between Joseph teething and me just feeling yucky, sleep was not a constant factor. Then I got up (Finally!) and did some other stuff and made some phone calls and went downstairs to the garage for my traditional Morning Half-a-Cig – and got so damned sick to my stomach that I had to lay down again.

Of course, everyone thinks I’m pregnant already, but I don’t think I could get pregnancy sign only a few days after ovulation. I mean, it’s not completely unheard of, but how likely is it? Not very.

I think I was just sleep depped. I’m not even going to think about whether or not I’m pregnant for at least another week or so.

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