And what a lovely day this is

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And I mean that without the slightest bit of irony.  (Mostly.)

Yesterday, after many long months of languishing and then a week and a half (two weeks?) of waiting, our car, Joy, finally returned home working beautifully and in one piece.  Our first order of business?  The kids have requested a trip to the library, and Kim decided to chip in a few moneys for me to take them to the bookstore.

Oh, poor me!  Darn these evil n’aunties and their bad, bad influence, getting my kids books to read!  *swoon-dramatic-faint*

(A n’auntie, by the way, is “not quite an auntie”, as in, a female community member who might as well be related.  The male counter-part is the n’uncle.)

While all is not well in Whosville across the board, it feels like the hamster wheel has finally broken off of its stand and is making some headway.  This is good, but as Coyote teaches us, what’s best for us is not always what we would want for us.  Keeping in mind that our own experience influences the range of “wants”, the purpose of living into the future from the now implies that we must be open to wants and benefits that do not derive exclusively from our past experience.

For the next few days, I will be sparring with Chinese IT guys who do not seem to understand basic concepts, like a working subdomain implies that said subdomain displays the page that we want.  I will be preparing an alternate website for the occasion that allows us to use a different option.

I will also be knitting like mad on a project that disappeared during a cleaning frenzy a week ago so that I can get that mailed… and then I’ll be knitting like mad on a couple of other projects that got shoved under chairs previous to that, and then knitting like mad on one extra special project that will only be about a year late.  (In my defense, it was incredible ambitious, and should not have been promised when I knew there was renovation and moving on the horizon.)

In other news, Daniel’s just about ready to start potty training in earnest, since he’s mastered the art of taking his diaper off after eliminating – and, no, not just the easy-to-clean-up kind.  I just need a few days of uninterrupted time to get him living in the bathroom for a few so that he can get the rhythm down.

It’s shaping up to be a very interesting adventure.

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