April 1: 5 problems with social media

oneSo, a brief introduction to this.  I and a few of my writer friends are doing a 30 day writing challenge.  You can do it, too, but we’re only doing it through April (that whole “30 days” thing is a bitch when you hate calculating dates).

5 problems with social media

Wooo… okay, here goes.  Full disclosure: I work in social media, you might want to have a seat.

  1. Businesses who don’t understand what the “social” part of social media is.  I mean, I get it.  Social media is this awesome new thing that lets us connect with people in whole new and exciting ways.  People probably spend more time on social media than in any other type of site.  Of course businesses are going to want a piece of that action, but when they don’t want to pay for social media advertising, and they still don’t understand how to have a conversation with customers, it’s totally like being at a party and having a conversation about something silly or relevant or whatever, and then some guy you’ve seen maybe twice before comes up and interrupts you to tell you that he thinks you should totally buy his product and then shoves an unwanted business card at you.  Screw you, man.
  2. People who use social media as a drama theatre and complain about things but never actually take advice.  Ah, the internet, it comes up with so many brilliant things, including an actual word to describe this phenomenon:  askhole.  Drama queens (and kings) will fill their feeds with all kinds of heartache and sorrow – and when you’re talking to your friends, yes, please, tell us when things aren’t okay! – but when that’s ALL that they post, AND they refuse to take any sort of advice or act on recommendations, clearly they’re in it for the attention (such as it is) and not for the help.  Why are you going to post to social media unless you’re looking to have a conversation about something?  Even VENT posts are meant to produce some kind of result.
  3. Nothing dies on the internet – except that one meme or image or post that you’ve been thinking about for the past two days but now cannot find.  This mainly applies to Facebook and the way it curates your feeds.  There was this one David Bowie quote that I adored, absolutely amazing, and I saw it three times in my feed.  I meant to Save it and repost it later (once I made sure that it was actually a David Bowie quote), but I answered a message on my phone and lost it.  No prob, I’ll just find it on the browser’s feed… no…. nope…. still not there… wth, man?!
  4. How people that you’ve blocked on your personal site can somehow still find your connected business pages and posts.  What kind of logic goes into the algorithm that looks at who you’ve blocked on Facebook and LinkedIn and Google+, and they think, “Well, even though there’s a mutual block there and these two people clearly despise each other, I’m sure they’ll put their differences aside for COMMERCE!”  Seriously, if I’ve blocked someone, why would you serve up a business page I’m managing to them?  Why would you invite that kind of trouble?
  5. Likewise, how people you’ve already rejected from you “suggested contacts” list still come up as suggestions.  Maybe you don’t know me that well, LinkedIn, but I do not forgive so easily.  If I’ve taken someone off the list once, stop trying to get me to be friends with them.  It’s not going to happen.  I’m not going to one day wake up and say, “Hey, you know that jerk I worked with six years ago?  I bet he’s not a jerk anymore, we should totally network.  I even bet that he showers now and brushes his teeth and has magically gained a work ethic!  We should definitely try to make professional things happen!”  And, Facebook, you should really know better by now, so you should just be ashamed of yourself.  Seriously.

Tune in tomorrow when I’ll talk about my earliest memory!

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