April 12: Two phrases that make me laugh

Last updated on April 8, 2016

number-12The hardest part of this prompt is that there are so very many things I find funny – and that I find funny consistently – so it’s really kind of a challenge to narrow it down.  I’m a lady who likes to laugh, and I will scarcely pass an opportunity to do so, especially at my own expense.

All that being said, the first one is really just a range of jokes, any being told by the Saint. He has this brilliant timing and patter with Dad Jokes, and they always get me.  Today’s was:

HIM: “Why did the mushroom go to the party?”

ME: “… why?”

HIM:  “Because he was the caterer.”

The second one must either be muttered either by myself or one of my children, because “YOUR MOM” jokes are always funnier when an actual mom is involved.


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