April 14: My life in 7 years

Last updated on April 8, 2016

fourteenIn 7 years, Joseph will be getting ready to graduate from high school.  Miles will probably be almost wrapping up college.

In 7 years, I will have been with my husband for 10 years.

In 7 years, I will have completed ten more novels, at least six of which will be published.

I will have cried sixteen times my body weight in tears in my lifetime.

I will be planning my 50th birthday and picking out an awesomely sexy new dress to wear for it.

I will probably have abs of steel for laughing so much with my family and friends.

I might be buying this house, or maybe a different house, or maybe debating if we want to stay.  After all, we do have the extra room now, and there’s plenty of space for the grandkids and the dogs, and the garden has come such a long way.  The neighbors are wonderful (even the new ones), and the traffic has died down some, so that’s nice…

I will have added somewhere in Europe, Canada, and Mexico to my current passport – maybe a few other places.

I probably will still leave my dirty laundry on the floor next to the hamper.  Hey, they’re not that dirty, I might want to wear them tomorrow, I don’t want them touching the other really dirty clothes so that I can’t wear them…  fine, f**k it, whatever, I’ll just wash everything again.

I will have painted at least a hundred new pictures, taken thousands of photos, sculpted a dozen dolls, and probably sold exactly none of them.

In 7 years, I will be seven years older than I am now, hopefully a little wiser, probably not any taller – but just think about all the awesome things that I’ll get to see over that glorious stretch of time.

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