April 15: Three Pet Peeves

fifteenbAnother case of “oh god, only three?!?”  I have so many pet peeves, I could open a peeve farm.  I guess that would technically be a ranch, though, or maybe a peeve zoo…

The first pet peeve really has to be people chewing with their mouths open.  I have often threatened my children that I will throw up if they keep at it, and I will aim for them.  The sound of it just crawls under my skin and turns my stomach.  My guess is that it is one of my sensory issues, like the sound of rustling plastic bags and discordant textures on my feet..  (If I got really honest about, probably over half of my pet peeves are related to sensory sensitivity issues.)

The second one that comes to mind immediately is traffic, and in particular people who do not know how to use a goddamned blinker.  Like, seriously, here’s how it works:

  1. You are aware that you’re going to make a turn or change lanes.
  2. You TURN ON YOUR TURN SIGNAL before you do anything else.
  3. That way, no one is confused when you slow down and hit the brakes, or when you start drifting over into another lane.
  4. Take the turn (or highway exit or entrance) at a reasonable speed.  If you’re changing lanes, only speed up or slow down as appropriate.
  5. Your turn signal should automatically shut off.

IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.  It’s engineering.  Totally different.

My third and possibly biggest pet peeve is leaving food out, especially leftovers that can make a full meal the next day.  Like, do you think we’re growing our own food here that we can just let things go to waste?  On top of that, I’m pretty much the only one that cleans dishes on anything close to a daily basis (shout out to my Amanda and my Sarah who both throw themselves on the Kitchen Grenade when they come over!), so when food gets gross and starts developing sentience all on its own, guess who has to clean it up?  AND THAT SUCKS.

Okay, I’m don’t complaining.

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