April 17: Quotes to Live By

Last updated on April 9, 2016

seventeenI’ve had my share of mottoes, certainly.  Some of my favorites are, “Hurting you is the last thing I’d do – but it’s still on the list,” and “Be the trouble you want to see in the world.”

The one that probably try to live by more than any other, though, is this:

“Only those that attempt the absurd, achieve the impossible.”

With this phrase, I have come to understand far more about how ingenuity and innovation happens.  Just think about it for a moment:  How can invention happen if you only imagine that the world can only be what it is right now?

If we only allow ourselves to see what is already proven as possible, we have no motivation to move beyond that.  Humans do not have feathers or flight structure, how could we possibly try to fly?  Humans can only run 5mph on a good day (roughly), what would we gain by going faster than that?  We can only carry so many things, and it is impossible to carry more.

Unless you have help.

But that is absurd, no one can carry more than they can carry.  That’s just silly.

Okay, but what if we dragged it?  What if we gathered things together and then changed how we carried in on our bodies?  Could we carry more then?

Yes, we can.

More than anything, this phrase is fueling my deep love of Bernie Sanders.  I’m sure if you’re reading this, you already know how much I love that guy, how desperate I am for him to get to the Oval Office.  He is proposing the absurd idea that humans should be treated as humans, not as commodities, as races, as genders.  He’s proposing that we achieve the impossible by overthrowing the status quo, calling the corrupt and broken system on its bullshit, and putting a more compassionate and powerful system in its place.

It seems so far fetched, but we know that it can be done.  Iceland has done it twice in the last decade.

“But Iceland is a lot smaller than the U.S. of A., there’s no way that could work!”

The hell it can’t.  That means we have more people to fuel the change, to take up figurative arms and force the change to happen.  It is the dirty lie fed to you by the corruption that there is anything “too big to fail”.  Revolutions come in all shapes and sizes, and this is one that we desperately need.

That is the phrase I live by.  It is my favorite quote.  Forever.

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