April 18: My Favorite Color

Last updated on April 9, 2016

eighteenAnother really tough one because my favorite color totally depends on my mood.

When I’m feeling down and sad, I lean heavily towards colors that are subdued, lots of greys and blues, smoky purple colors.  When I’m in a good place, I really like the brighter colors – brilliant reds and oranges, vibrant greens and blues.

When I’m feeling creative, I favor jewel tones.  When I’m in a healing mood or contemplative place, I like the grey-tone pastels.

When I’m painting, though, I like to use a lot of metallic colors – blue, gold, antique gold, copper, silver, grey, red, etc.  The way the brush strokes move the glitter that makes the metallic effect also means that you can get two different effects from two different angles in different types of lighting.  I am utterly fascinated with the way that color, light, hue, and shape can transform a single image into so many different things.  I’ve often daydreamed about painting a brilliant painting in specific colors that appears as something completely different when shot through a black-and-white camera.

And that’s really all I’ve got to say about that.

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