April 21: My Scorpio Ass

Last updated on April 9, 2016

twenty-oneMany moons ago, I used to work as a professional psychic.  Yes, like Miss Cleo.  In fact, I started in “Miss Cleo’s” company.  (Miss Cleo was just a spokesperson, she goes into detail here.)  Later, I worked for other psychic hotlines, mostly because it allowed me to work from home, and also because I enjoy giving people positive advice.  I’ve always known I was a Scorpio (astrology and astronomy books are right next to each other on the school library’s bookshelf), and when I started working as a psychic, I looked into my own astrological makeup a little more.

Turns out, I’m a triple Scorpio.  My sun, rising (ascendant), and Mercury are all in Scorpio – but my moon’s in Sagittarius, so I don’t take any of it too seriously.

Still, if you read the textbook on the topic, I’m a pretty good match – intense, intellectual, curious, kind of a freak in bed.  But there are lots of other parts of it that are really not me.  I’m not possessive or jealous, and I’d rather watch you fall on your own ass than waste my time trying to make you miserable.  So far, this tactic has worked out pretty well.

All told, sure, there are lots of Scorpionic traits about me, but how much of that is self-fulfilling prophesy because of the books I read as a kid, and how much is just the way I am?  Honestly, it’s probably mostly just the way I am because a lot of the key traits kinda skipped me.

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