April 25: Four weird traits I have

Last updated on April 12, 2016

twenty-fiveWooooow… okay, so, again, it’s a matter of whittling down the list to only four traits.  I mean, really, anyone who knows me IRL could tell you, I have dozens of weird little things.

Let me preface this by saying that their probably all related to sensory and autie type things, including my own quirky little manifestation of OCD.

  1. Appropriate to the date, I only like things such as volume and various other settings to be divisible by 5 or 10.  If I’m dealing with large numbers, it’s 25 or 100.
  2. Similarly, my towels have to be folded hotel style – lengthwise in thirds, and then half over and half again.  That way, when you go to grab it out of the linen closet, one fold equals one towel.  You don’t accidentally grab two by mistake and make a huge mess of unfolded towels.
  3. I purr sometimes.  (This isn’t an OCD thing, obviously, it’s just a weird trait.)  Sometimes it’s a sexual thing, but most of the time it’s sensual, just a pleasure response to the right kind of touches.  It’s mostly involuntary in that context, but I can recreate the sound at will sometimes.
  4. There are certain things that I absolutely have to be in the mood for, and if I try to do it outside of the right mood, I’ll totally fuck it up.  These things include cutting hair, doing laundry, cooking (this is the easiest to get in the mood for), knitting, and building furniture.

Not terribly exciting, I know, but the prompt just said “weird traits”.

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