April 27: Ticketed by the Fashion Police

Last updated on April 12, 2016

number27Hilarity ensues.  The prompt is “What you wore today”, and the fact is, there is a very small range of variation for this topic.  I am the antithesis of fashionable, I think, but I have my own singular and unique style.  My fashion sense can best be described as “what covers parts of my body adequately” and also “isn’t pink”.

Up until just a few years ago, the vast majority of my wardrobe was black – not because I was making a nihilistic statement about the pointlessness of life and the dreaded pressing ennui of existence as a whole but rather because I bloody hate trying to color coordinate.  The extent of my “matching” skills was really whether or not this shade of black was too far off of this other shade of black, because fading happens.

Then I started being “gifted” articles of clothing that were pretty much the complete opposite of all black, which, if you know your color wheel means ALL THE COLORS.  But I don’t know how to– But I don’t have anyth–


I also only had, like, three pairs of shoes, two pairs of jeans, and sometimes a dress.

Today, things are vastly different.  I have THREE pairs of jeans, probably 30 pairs of shoes, several dresses, a number of awesome skirts, a shit-ton of funny t-shirts…

But what I’m actually wearing today is my Super-Fuzzy Sassy Pants.  They are a pair of slightly oversized fuzzy pants that I got at the grocer one night when I was out food shopping.  When I got in the car (in a dress), the weather was warm and balmy.  When I got to the store FIVE MINUTES LATER, it was ass-biting cold and about to rain.


They have become my every-morning wear.  I throw them on as I’m getting the boys ready for school, and the kids in Daniel’s class love to pet them.  They have crazy hippy 60s style circles all over them, they are made of awesomeness.

And then sometimes I’ll change when I get home, but not often.

Black t-shirt was the topper today, and slip-on sandals.  Because sometimes you just need to go back to your roots.

(That was a total in-joke for me alone.  I’m also re-dying my hair today.)

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