April 28: A Word or Phrase I Use Constantly

Last updated on April 12, 2016

twenty-eightThere are a few phrases that are my “go-to” responses to any number of situations.  That application of any given phrase, however, might or might not be directly applicable to any given situation.

  • Your mom
  • Your FACE
  • Man, I’m gonna beat you with your own limb… (If this is actually enacted, it normally involves grabbing the arm of the offender and using their own hand to slap the top of their heads, very “why are you hitting yourself” style)
  • SHIT, SON!
  • Daaaaaaaaaaaang.
  • Really!?
  • Seriously?!

I’m deliberately leaving out most of the curse words because, really, those are spontaneous.  And usually traffic-induced.

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