April 3: Check Yes or No

Last updated on March 28, 2017

Think about the kind of person you are attracted to. Write a three-paragraph story from their perspective as they meet you for the first time. (Assume they like you.)

NOTE: You know it’s a really good writing prompt when the person writing it has to seriously struggle.  Like, damn, girl, what the hell was I thinking…  Still, I’m a bit of a masochist, so let’s get to it.

ALSO NOTE: I’m not using my husband as the perspective because that’s kind of cheating on the assignment.  Instead, I am making up a fictitious person who may or may not bear a striking similarity to my husband.

Heeeey, what’s this?  A girl who likes making things?  What’s in this photo…?  Holy crap, that’s engine oil.  On her hands.  Under her nails.  She didn’t actually work on that… *reads through the post*  Wow.  She did.  Knows her way around an engine… and apparently around a lot of other types of tools as well!  Hehehe… I said “tools”…

Let’s see… she likes punk and jazz, and a wide range of movies… wow, a really wide range of movies.  And books.  Solid authors to follow, good deal… Ooh, she’s got a blog, this is probably where it all falls apart… *reads the blog* … wait… she’s advocating for equal rights and threatening to burn down the patriarchy for the sake of the men in her life?  She couldn’t possibly know what that’s… *reads further* … damn.  She does.

But these have to be staged photos, right?  No?  That’s definitely her in the corner booth over there.  Hair’s different, though.  Pretty sure that color is not part of Mother Nature’s original palette, but it looks okay.  Nice eyes!  Nice smile, too… like I’m the only one she’s looking at… I am the only one she’s looking at.  Niiiiice.

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