April 5: A place I would live

fiveThis one is also a bit tough.  The actual prompt is, “A place you would live but have never visited”.

I think that it’s very hard for me to wrap my head around the idea of wanting to be somewhere in a permanent fashion that I have not already visited because I guess I don’t think that way.  I like to travel, to go see new places, and I have a whole list of places that I definitely want to visit, but I really, really like going home.  If I’m so enamored with a place that I want to move there, I just do it.

That being said, I do have a picture in my head of what my Ultimate Ideal Home would be.

It’s sort of far-suburban, still close enough to a highway to get to the city easily but not so close as to deal with traffic noise and pollution.  It’s a nice big two-story house with a wrap-around porch, an old Victorian-style number with turrets and gables, and lots of guest rooms and open spaces.

It has trees for shade and trees for wind-breaking and trees for fruit.  It has a greenhouse, and it has raised garden beds, and it has lots of people coming to and fro at all times of the year.  It is lush and vibrant and wealthy with love.

The place I would live has lots of little hidden nooks and crannies, spaces to hide surprises and surprising things in strange places.  It has a big warm kitchen and an even bigger dining table, and there’s always room for one or two more.  It has a sense of peace but also of utility, of production.  There are always things to do, chores to attend to, games to play, quiet time to be had.  It is a healthy place, a spacious place for the inside and the outside of a person.

I couldn’t begin to venture a guess about where this place might end up being.  Maybe one day when we “retire”, we’ll have a nice bed-and-breakfast, or maybe we’ll just have to have a big house for all our kids and grandkids and friends and neighbors.  Who knows?  But this is the picture in my head of a place where I would live that I have yet to visit.


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