April 7: Cheaters Never Prosper

Last updated on April 5, 2017

Is cheating an ender for a relationship? State your actual view in the first sentence, limit 20 words, and then spend 500 words defending the opposite view.

I define “cheating” as doing something outside of the negotiated intimacy of your relationship. Could be movies, could be penis.

Alternate view:

When you love someone, you want whatever makes them happy.  If they need to stay up to date on that show you guys normally watch together while you finish the dishes, big deal!  They probably aren’t watching it without you just to be mean, right?

That same open-handed giving relationship should cover all of their needs and wants.  If you never declare something off-limits, they can’t really be counted as cheaters, can they?  Of course not!  Think about whatever they do on a case-by-case basis to avoid bias.  You don’t want to be judgmental or mean.  So, maybe they get a blow job in the bathroom at the club.  They have needs, right?  And you weren’t there to perform, were you?  No, you were in the other bathroom, unable to deliver.

If you have no limitations on your relationship, if you have no agreements or expectations to start with, you can’t cheat!

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