As promised, the update.

A week ago, Lili and I left for Ohio in a cargo van that was loaded to the gills with Nana’s stuff. As has happened on a couple of occasions that I recall personally, her vacation turned into a “wow, this is really love, I’m getting married.” And that’s cool.

We drove the first 14 hours to Chicago (Deerfield). It was a little windy across Nebraska, but once we got into Iowa, it started to snow and rain and freeze and snow, which was not fun times. In fact, I had to stop a couple of times to get the ice off of the windshield wiper so that I could actually see. We got to Deerfield around 9 or 10, I think, to spend the night with Mariel, which was very awesome. Lili scored some excellent sheet music for the clarinet, and that will likely reignite her passion for playing. Also, Mariel’s mom and grandmom are the awesomest folks in the history of ever.

On Sunday, we drove the other seven hours or so to Canton, Ohio, also with some snow and rain, but not quite as bad as the day before. Met Donovan, who is fantastic and a total geek, went out for dinner, and then Lili and I crashed hard.

Monday, we unloaded the van and trucked all of the stuff upstairs. Second floor apartment not so fun to move, but at least we had a dolly, right? Got that done, loitered about the house being all not-driving, and then we met up with new grandparents (Lili’s great-grandparents) and took them out for dinner at a neato Chinese buffet. The grandparents are very, very awesome – Grandpa was a teacher and then a principal for heap-many years, and Grandma was the educated one. 😉 After dinner, we went home and watched “Mamma Mia”, the ABBA-based musical. Not bad, seriously! It was actually very entertaining. (Pierce Brosnan can sing, but he’s not a singer. This illustrates the difference very well.)

I thought long and hard about it Monday night and decided to stay in Canton another day. I just couldn’t see subjecting myself to that abuse that quickly, so we hung around on Tuesday and planned to leave Wednesday morning. That meant that Tuesday morning was a chance to swing by the Canton Museum and check out the Kimono exhibit before it went back to Japan forever. It was very lovely, and we stopped at the gift shop to get some knick-knacks for the kids.

Tuesday, I also popped over to a neighboring town and bought a van-load of wood to weigh the back of the van down on our way home. This was win.

What was also win was that Donovan had to “make room” for Nana’s stuff, so he sent eleven boxes of comics home with us that he rescued from the library (where he worked as a librarian for seventeen years, as I recall). And some books. And some D&D materials. His geek cred is solid, and then some.

Wednesday, we took off and made it to Chicago again (Round Lake this time) to have dinner with Patty. We sat and chit-chatted for a few hours while waiting for Mariel to get off of work. It was nummy. Then we trucked back to Mariel’s for the night and headed out the next morning (after a fun adventure of trying to find a frakkin’ Starbucks).

Thursday was also Miles’ eleventh birthday, and the day that he and Joe left for Dallas. I was very good and did not panic and freak-out over them taking a plane. Miles loves flying now, and that makes me happy. They went to a hockey game that night and have been assing around since then. They have their own schedule that I am not orchestrating, and that feels pretty good.

We rolled in ridiculously late Thursday night (after getting pulled over for speeding – cargo vans do NOT have 1. cruise control; 2. CD players; or 3. auxillary ports). We unloaded Friday morning (big thanks to J and Bob) and then Joseph rode with me to take the van back to Enterprise, who then took Joseph and I to the mechanic’s shop to pick up our car (which had been in the shop for two weeks waiting for these yahoos to get around to doing a one-day job). We started unpacking and sorting the comics last night, and then the power went out for three hours. Candles and fire mean lots of good snuggles, and then I moved everyone into their own beds when the power came back on at 2 am. (It’s still intermittent.)

I am now officially three days late starting Script Frenzy, but I’m not worried. I have the idea in my head pretty solid, and now I just have to type it out.

Instead of doing Lawn of the Dead as I’d originally intended, I’m doing a totally different thing – a stage play. (I may have mentioned this before?) I should really get to that since I don’t have to have the power on to write it – yay for laptops!

<3 Also, the Iowa state motto is: "It doesn't matter how crappy the weather is anywhere else, it's always worse in Iowa." Nineteen accidents, JUST on the Iowa I-80. Also also, if you truck down I-80, bring lots of cash. I spent over $50 in tolls over the week.

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