Better? It’s relative.

Snow. Lots of it.

Oh, yeah, and MERRY YULE!

Headache. Lots of that, too. But it’s in my neck and occipital sinuses and right shoulder.

Finally got a bath last night around 1 in the morning, and it was so awesome because Joseph took a bath with me, but that was only after we snuggled for fifteen minutes or so. I can’t think of any other time he’s done that except when he’s sick, but he seems to be totally fine.

He woke up from his “nap” around 11:30 or so (yes, at NIGHT) while I was shutting down the house and getting ready to go into the bedroom. He had carrots for dinner (raw, peeled) and that’s it. He’s at THAT stage – sometimes it’s just PB&Js, sometimes it’s carrots, sometimes it’s noodles… hey, as long as he’s ingesting calories and not losing weight, I’m okay with it. So, he wakes up, and instead of wanting milk, he wants TEA.


Okey-doke… I made a half-pot of tea for us to share (honey-vanilla-chamomile and Sleepytime) and set it all up on a tray and took it into the bedroom, and that’s where we sat, him just as content as anything sitting on my lap wrapped up in the Aunt Shea Blanket. He wasn’t fidgety, he wasn’t fussy, we just sat there and played “Can You Say Pterodactyl”. (That’s the game where we suggest he says these ridiculously long polysyllabic words like “Agamemnon” and “Pachycephalosaurus” and “Organically” and “Strithromiathus” and “Vivacious”.) Finally, the tea was cool enough to drink, so we did, then he crawled into bed and I went into the bathroom to bathe, and then I see these tiny little toddler fingers under the door and I hear Joseph saying, “Mom? Are you in there? Are you going potty? Are you okay? Where did you go?”

I brought him into the bathroom, started some music, he whipped his diaper off, and we took a bath, which also included squirting each other with various bathtub toys, like a seahorse, a duck, and a triceratops. He got clean (“Mom, I know where my shoulders are!” “Where?” “I don’t know!”), I got my hair washed, at least, and then we blow dried our hair and got ready for bed… but only after snuggling for a little while longer and finishing the rest of the tea.

We’re expecting a little more snow today. Luckily, the wind has been blowing hard enough that we don’t have a lot of accumulation, but what we do have looks really cool. Maybe I’ll take pictures later.

And now, as promised, pictures of the new “puppy”:

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  1. December 21, 2006

    No snow here! It’s in the upper 40s. Freakishly warm.

    What a sweet kiddo he is. And I’m glad you still use the blankie. 😀

  2. December 21, 2006

    I was headachey too today.

    Cute pupster.
    Even cuter Roux. 🙂

  3. December 22, 2006

    Yesh, I don’t think TK would’ve made it out there. Mom and I are doing our best to save up a good down payment on a vehicle. I know we want to get one with decent gas mileage and more time left on his clock than TK has, but I may just go for a decent AWD truck/SUV that can get us through what Wyoming has to offer. Snow, sleet, water, your dirt roads…

    TK is too much of a sports car for our own good.

  4. December 22, 2006

    Awww, such sweet moments.

    Your “puppy” is precious, looks like a sweet baby!

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