Could be, may be, might be, over ther–SQUIRREL!

I could take a few minutes and whine and fuss about my traditional “First Month Shitstorm”. We’ve been here… two weeks now? and the electrical switch downstairs wanted to start a fire, the phone lines were completely dead, and now the bathtub is draining into… my kitchen cabinet.

Seriously, I wish I was kidding. Lili got out of the tub last night and let the water out, and then I heard water running in the kitchen, and there it was, pouring down the back of the cabinet like a frikkin’ waterfall…

But, really, that’s not what I want to talk about.

I feel so inspired right now, on so many levels. Last night, I pushed myself a little harder than usual to get through a treatment paper on Type I Bipolar Disorder. I think I need three or four more people to work with in order to get a solid foundation of raw data on how the therapy works… Sorry, Dad, you’ve already had your turn. 😉

And then I’m looking at my bedroom, and I think I might want to go a little more Japanese in here and get a little low table and some floor pillows, or maybe one of those floor gamer-chairs like shorty_red has… The downstairs is so clean and getting so close to organized, the kids’ room is pretty well organizable (still get to get them some bins, I think, and maybe a bunkbed), but my room… it defies clean. It wants to be something, but this ain’t it…

Lili and Miles are awaiting approval in to the K12 Academy, a homeschooling thing that we actually had in Wyoming but I never set them up…

And I really want to write more. I failed NaNoWriMo again, but moving in November AND trying to write a novel was probably not the wisest idea. I know I can accomplish the task, after all – I wrote “Middle of Nowhere” in four weeks, and that’s 96,000 words – so maybe it’s just an excuse to send them money every year. **shrug** Ah, well…


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