dammit dammit dammit

Remember how I had those 44 pages, like, two weeks ago? I haven’t written a thing since, but in all fairness, I have many good excuses, not the least of which is that work is actually demanding attention right now, and that makes me happy.

Battlestar Galactica is available in streaming video from SciFi.Com. You have to have the latest version of Windows Media Player installed, but that’s a small sacrifice for getting to watch ALL FOUR HEART-THUMPING BRAIN-BLOWING SEASONS!!!

Now, if only I could find the same option for Torchwood, I would be happy. Sure, I’m glad that the Stars are in the playoffs, and that they now lead in the second series 2-0, but I lost the last two episodes of the *%&@#$%* season for them. We are not amused. (We were less amused when we lost BSG, but SciFi fixed it.)

No insulin for five weeks now (longer? I don’t remember), and here’s the best part: Last night, I made gumbo. Started with a Roux (automatic 50 blood sugar points), dark-meat chicken (no skins or bones, though), smoked sausage, shrimp, and onion, served over brown rice. I had a pickle reserved, figuring that after I was munching on French bread on the way home and then had rice, too, I’d be over 350, easy.

Nope. Two hour post-prandial blood sugar: 111.

If I wasn’t so tired, I’d dance in my seat.

Things are happening at work, as I mentioned. Here’s the short list:

* Make more wallpapers for the Spicy Horse website.

* Do the weekly forum backup.

* Pick out, format, and upload more pictures for the gallery on SH.

* Roll through and check the content again (updating where needed).

* Download all of last week’s builds again so that they’ll actually unpack.

* Play all episodes to date.

* Do at least two pages from my anatomy book.

* Do at least one page from my physiology book.

* Try to Screnzy at least a tiny little bit.

* Get the baby’s laundry done.

* Do the kids’ daily ASL lesson.

* Attempt to make a dent in the horrifying mess that is my bedroom. (I think that’s why I can’t sleep.)

Wish me luck.

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