Day 2: What does this mean…?

Sunday Feb 24:

* Fasting blood sugar at 09:58: 111
* First meal at 11:00: 12 Buffalo wings, bleu cheese
* Blood sugar at 18:36: 89
* Second meal at 18:50: Marinated mushrooms
* Blood sugar at 20:28: 87
* Third meal at 20:30: Salad – microgreens, spinach leaves, Roma tomato, smoked salmon, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, parmesan regianno, cracked pepper
* Fourth meal at 21:40: Whiting filet w/ butter, dill, salt
* 20 units of Lantus at 22:10
* Blood sugar at 22:20: 88

I also had another Glucerna meal bar at 3:30 in the morning and a handful of anti-headache pills right before bed. I hardly slept at all past 3:30, laying awake… no fun.

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  1. February 25, 2008

    It looks to me like your diet is working. Those numbers are awesome! I would have dropped the blue cheese dressing, as it is very high in milk solids, which doesn’t do too much good for your blood sugar, but you seem to be tolerating that quite well.
    As for not being able to sleep – well, that just means that you aren’t being as aggressive as you might want to be…i.e. taking Benedryl as a sleep enhancement medication. I have found that pretty much any antihistimine will help you sleep, but doesn’t do anything for the blood sugar – good *or* bad.
    Just my $0.02


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