Day 3

I didn’t get a chance to post earlier. It’s shaping up to be a day and a half.

Day 3

* Fasting blood sugar at 07:09: 118
* Snacks throughout morning: Coffee and Baby Bel cheese (3)
* First meal at 14:30: Chicken BLT salad from Wendy’s with Italian vinaigrette
* Blood sugar at 18:53: 174
* Second meal at 19:00: Buffalo wings with bleu cheese, celery, and broccoli

In other words, I was naughty. I was so busy running around with Daniel and Miles, plus shopping, plus stuff, that I didn’t get to eat properly. I felt like my blood sugar was higher than it should have been, but not over 200. For now, that’s a good goal, especially when I had been hitting the 200s and 300s.

Today, I endeavor to do better, but it’s not shaping up that way. Tomorrow is going to be even more of a challenge since I have to go out to IBMC with Lili and Joseph (again with the practice massages), and then off to get the washer and dryer, but I could pack a bento, just to be on the safe side.

Nah… that makes too much sense.

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