Day Eight: Three Things

Day Eight: Three turn ons.


1. Confidence – This is not to be confused with arrogance (which is a major turn-off).  Confidence is about knowing what you’re actually capable of and where your boundaries are – and thus also knowing when to acknowledge that you do or don’t know something and expanding your experience and horizons at that point.  For instance, you’re having a conversation with someone about the finer points of making a tincture, and the person mentions that glycerine has some excellent preservative powers as well, but you’ve never heard of glycerine outside of bath soaps.  An arrogant person would vehemently defend the use of alcohol based tinctures despite being unfamiliar with glycerine.  A confident person would put their feelings about alcohol-based tinctures to the side and instead ask to be educated about the finer points of glycerine.  A person who is confident, who possesses and uses confidence, knows what their make-up and capacity is, and no one else’s opinion or attitude can change that, so why be defensive (which is often what arrogance really is – the cover for fear of inadequacy).

2. A personalized and hip sense of style – I didn’t realize until recently how much of a head-turner this is for me. When I find myself clicking through the win/lose list in my head, having taken care of yourself enough to pull of a hip style really matters. Extra points for thrift shopping, double extra points for well-kept clothes, triple extra points for having the confidence to carry it without seeming awkward or deliberate.

3. That foot thing … and that’s all I’m going to say about that. If you know what it is, you know what to do, and if you don’t, you can’t really fake it.


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