Day Four: Seven Things

Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

Here’s the hard part about this one for me:  narrowing it down.


1. Autism as an evolutionary process.  I probably spend more than a reasonable amount of time devoted to this subject.  I constantly observe the way individuals create society, and I see more and more evidence of this shift on a fundamental human level every day.

2. How to beat allopathy and reclaim our political rights.  This is a big one because it can mean the difference between eking out survival or truly enjoying the world at large for decades to come.  The strain of taking care of a huge generation of ailing people being slowly killed through pharmaceuticals and unnecessary procedures is a force that will contribute more than any other to the decline of Western civilization.  America is way behind the curve on fixing this problem, so what can I do to help?

3. Whether or not I’m too old to wear these pants.  It’s a dichotomous position for me that I’m finally approaching 40 rather quickly, and yet I feel more comfortable in baggy cargoes and skinny jeans than “strait-laced” Dockers and slacks.  Am I in denial of my aging, or am I simply being true to myself?  I tend to think it’s the latter, but I don’t ever want to be that 50+ year old chick in the back of the concert, vainly hanging on to vestiges of long-dead youth.  Of course, I don’t imagine that’ll be the case, but I still wonder about it.

4. The relationships between ecology and individual health.  How much of our mental and physical health is impacted by our environment, and how much of our environment is the reflection of how we feel about ourselves?

5. How different people interact differently to create different relationships.  This is another point of particular interest and constant observation.  Seeing people change their body language and vocal tones in deference to the people around them – as groups as well as individually – is truly fascinating.

6. Am I forgetting something?  No, really.  I know how my memory works, and I nearly always forget something.  Even though I rely heavily on lists, there’s also the question of whether or not I remembered to put everything on the list.  For instance, I have now for three days in a row forgotten cooking oil, cat litter and coffee filters.

7. I sure would like to be knitting right now…  A lot.  I once installed Dragon Naturally Speaking to see if I could “write” and knit at the same time.  It worked out okay, kinda, but it wasn’t efficient enough.  I just can’t speak as fast as I type.  :-/


It was hard to prioritize this one, but I’m glad I got through it.

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