Day Seven: Four Things

Day Seven: Four turn offs.


1.  Poor hygiene – Seriously, if my eyes water when you’re talking or I feel compelled to stand up-wind, you probably need to shower.  Like, now.  There is a certain type of male stinkiness that’s actually okay, for about five minutes after a workout, but past that, it gets a little rancid.  And putting on cologne is not a reasonable solution to this.

2.  Passionate argument without any kind of logical or rational foundation – Believe it or not, I have no problem hanging out with people who have different points of view – even conservatives and liberals and Christians and what-ever-else.  I enjoy learning about different perspectives and thought processes, but if you can’t tell me in rational terms why you feel the way you do and instead resort to either known false information shouting, you’ve just lost the case.

3.  Poor grammar, written and spoken – I try to make a point to spell words out (with a few small exceptions) because I tend to think that the people I communicate with are worth the effort.  I also avoid double-negatives and try to make sure that the words I use say what I mean.  The thing is, good grammar is far more about being respectful and trying to communicate clearly and not so much about being stuffy.  Try it some time, people will be impressed.

4.  Being excessively negative – Yes, we all know the world sucks in many ways.  People are weird and messy, the system is broken, and there are very few things that work the way they’re supposed to.  Jobs suck, traffic sucks, your boss sucks… but if all I ever hear is how much things suck, or how much this one thing is inferior to this other thing, or how such and such screwed you over, my interest is erased.  The point of this crazy life we have is to find the good parts, to celebrate despite the tragedies.  If I can do it, I’m sure you can, too.


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