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I finished that first editing test for the Content Editor position… and now, we wait.

Man, it was brutal. I had to read it, write an analysis of whether or not I would approve it for publishing, and then, regardless of my decision, edit the manuscript portion. It was only 12,000 words, but it seemed ten times longer. I’m convinced the author is a 15-year-old girl who loves Laurell K. Hamilton and the “Underworld” movies. She may even LARP, but not well. It was rough, but I got through the whole thing without any snarkiness or judgment – I just took the manuscript apart, piece by piece, pointing out the blaring plot holes, unrealistic character interaction, and factual errors. (For instance, prostitutes do not dress in micro-skimpy outfits and then park their butts on a bar stool for two hours drinking regular orange juice, telling every guy that hits on them to bugger off – and that means that P.I.s pretending to be prostitutes don’t do it, either.)

Now, seeing as how I’ve been promising pictures of all kinds of things of late, the rest of this post will be fairly picture heavy, but included will be: previews of my new Tarot card deck, pictures of Nana’s new haircut and color, pictures of the kids, and maybe a couple of other things.

Nana’s new hair! You can’t tell from the lighting in this picture, but it’s actually mostly LAVENDER in front! It was supposed to be deep blue, but there was yellow dye in the bleach. I think this turned out better.

This is what it looked like before around Xmas time. I present Nana and the Rein-dog!

Daniel, just chillin’ out:

Lili and Miles playing video games (we are in SO much trouble…):

It seems that Joseph’s picture didn’t get sized. I’ll upload it later.

Anyway, here’s a preview of the deck I’m working on. Let me know what you think, seriously, and also if you’d like to test it when I’m done. It’s meant to be very light-hearted and is mostly geared towards kids, but don’t think that means I’m going to pull my punches.

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  1. January 14, 2008

    Tarot cards: i admit my knowledge is rusty, and minimal to begin with, so please take my input, such as it is, as something from a well-meaning noob.

    first one: is that the queen of wands/sticks? i don’t remember what she means. this one seems balanced yet not stuck in one place. she can swing with the wind, as it were. i notice the stack of books; does she mean ‘knowledged one’?

    second one: three of wands/sticks. i like it. again, my knowledge of what the cards mean is dismal (i need to pull my deck and notes out again), but i get the impression that it means ‘balance’ or ‘things can be shaky if you don’t take care.’

    third: six of wands/sticks? even though there’s more sticks supporting the cup, it looks precarious, balanced on the three coins. (hey, i referenced two other suits!)

    i like the cards. they make me want to refresh my memory. (-:

    good luck on the Editor post.

    • January 14, 2008

      My bad for not posting more about the deck itself… These are only partial images for the sake of demonstration.

      The first one is the High Priestess, the keeper of intuitive knowledge and its application.

      The second one is the Three of Sticks (wands), and it means putting plans into action, starting to build something that will become a serious structure eventually.

      The third one is actually both a preliminary idea for the Tower and also a color study.

      The four suits are Teacups (cups = water = emotions), Carrots (swords = air = thoughts/mental realm), Sticks (wands = fire = action), Stars (pentacles/coins = earth = physical manifestation).

      I’ve been reading cards for over twenty years, so I feel like I’m pretty solid in their meanings and variations. I just hope that the whole project proves that out. We’re talking 78 cards, plus a design for the back… and then there’s the writing the books to go with it (the cheater and the full text)… and then trying to SELL it… I meant to post a picture of my new creative post, too…

  2. January 14, 2008

    Just a thought…

    Since you are gearing the cards towards kids or those new to tarot; to me it makes more sense if you switched the Carrots and the Stars. That was my first impression when reading them. Since Carrots are grown in the ground(earth) and Stars are in the sky(Air).

    I like the Priestess card, and if all the others have as much detail as that one (which I’m sure they will) they will be wonderful!

    Just an idea. 😉

  3. January 14, 2008

    a) You give birth to beautiful children

    b) You look like your mom!

    c) The thing about prostitutes drinking OJ and telling guys to bugger off made me LOL. Seriously.

  4. January 15, 2008

    oh snap looking at these reminded me about when i was interested in tarot. awesome
    they look great, especially the first, and i love the coloring on the last one. they’re really cute =]

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