“Days Off” are SO mis-labeled.

And guys get all the good stuff. A “day off” for a guy involves sitting around, stuffing cheetohs in his boxers while watching a TV marathon or somesuch, and maybe he’ll do a dish so he can eat his pizza from last night on something besides a used paper towel left over from the last Taco Bell run.

For any average woman, a day off includes cleaning, laundry, bills, phone calls, and all the catch-up work from the week that never got done, or couldn’t get done for some reason or another, not to mention all the normal daily things. I have to tell people on a regular basis how important it is to have down time and take care of yourself, and I DON’T GET ANY GODDAMNED DOWN TIME MYSELF. Fucking whatever, goddamnit. Maybe the real problem is that I work pretty much from sun-up to sun-down, doing any number of things, but everyone else thinks what THEY want me to do is more important, so I end up feeling like I didn’t get ANYTHING done. I haven’t even had time for a goddamned bath in months, and that is really starting to get to me. I was going to go take a bath after Joseph got done with his bath the other day, but I was struck with such a feeling of guilt at not getting everything else for the day done that I took a shower that turned icy cold inside of three minutes.

I’m rapidly reaching Middle Finger ground where I tell everyone to leave me the fuck alone for a little while.

(Mostly, I just get pissed off when I’m supposed to be getting help, and it just doesn’t happen.)

In completely unrelated news, I just sneezed.

In more unrelated news, we finally found a couch that is not dangerous and evil and reeking putrecscence. Not that our old couch did that (except for the “dangerous” and “evil” part), but some of the other couches we looked at did. This one is jewel-toned and padded EVERYWHERE, and it’s a hide-a-bed. I’m not sure about the comfort of that, but you can imagine what’s going to happen with it now – unless the hide-a-mattress still in the plastic, it’s gotta be replaced.


* Kid N Nic are coming over today for a barbeque (allegedly).
* We went through another Gate last night, I think.
* Joe and I have a date on Saturday to clean our bedroom. And if he leaves it to “go check email”, I might just come completely unglued.
* My dill and cilantro have gone to seed, so I’ll have plenty both for planting and for cooking.
* If I won the lotto, I would so totally be able to afford eating foods that didn’t make me feel like shit.
* Ever felt like you wanted to cry, but didn’t know why? Couldn’t come up with one single good reason?
* Me, either.

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  1. August 21, 2006

    So sorry that you get to down time…my problem is, I work too much too. Never take any time for myself…because there is so much to do to keep the men in my life (my officers) happy.

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