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The one thing that I generally want for Christmas is a day off. I’ve gotten much better about taking these recently, but on Christmas and a few other holidays, I kinda really want to focus on the “OFF” part. I don’t make Christmas dinner, can only sometimes be bothered to make breakfast, and outside of directing the picking up of present wrapping, there is no clean-up to be done (at least, not that I’ll do). I also do not log onto the computer, save for emergencies. (I check my email on my phone. Woo, Verizon.)

I’ve reached the point where the “come over and celebrate” day is Yule, but Xmas is not a visiting day. Boxing Day (as it’s called in other non-U.S. places) is the cooking day, but it’s also a working day for me.

And now, the loot:

Joe hit the jackpot of “Awesome Gift to Give to His Wife”: He got me the entire Millennium series. I’ve been hunting it down on satellite and trying to get it to record on the DVR, but it’s never a consistent thing. I think networks don’t like running it because it seems dated since it was supposed to culminate around the year 2000, but at the same time, it’s everything that X-Files wished it could have been, if X-Files had balls.

I also got “the Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman, and I read it all yesterday (took me about five hours or so, counting interruptions). I literally couldn’t put it down. It drove back to point the fact that Gaiman’s beautiful and amazing writing style is based on breaking all of the rules that are hammered into our heads at the word-smithing level. (There’s story-smithing, and there’s scene-smithing, and then there’s word-smithing.) It makes me want to write again. It makes me want to never write again.

I got “The Man From Earth”, and if you’ve never seen it, DO. Not an action flick, but stunningly gorgeous (no, not visually – you’ll just have to see it to understand).

I got this awesome laptop prop-pillow, which is awesome and being used right now.

I got a Chakra/Kundalini yoga workbook, too, and it’s very nice to both get back to the basics AND to see a different point of view.

I’m not going to run down all the gifts that the kids and gr’ups got because, frankly, I don’t remember all of them, but I’ll give you the highlights: Miles loves his very own iPod Shuffle. Lili got clothes and barrettes from Cherry Canary and the Mystic Faery Tarot (which reads AMAZINGLY well for her). Joseph got a V-Tech learning laptop and a Dark Knight Batmobile set. Daniel got a little ride-a-long walker-pusher thing and a butt-ton of Baby Einstein toys – he loves his new “radio” best (it plays non-irritating classical music tones).

Joe finally got some new cologne (in all my favorite flavors – what a coincidence!), the second season of “The Boondocks”, the “Bourne” trilogy, and a black sweater. The grandmas and Lili each got these snazzy awesome bath sets (HUGE with great decorative boxes). The grandmas and J also got housewarming gifts for their new abodes in the coming year.

There were other things (lots of movies), but my brain is still fuzzy and I need to try to get back to work.

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  1. December 27, 2008

    Sounds like a really great day!
    I haven’t heard of the Mystic Faery deck before-I’ll have to google that. I wanna get a new deck sometime and reconnect with that area of my life. I used to read tarot ALL the time and now I’ve not picked up my deck in…ummm….I don’t know how long.

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