Doctor’s visit

It’s been three months since I got to see Dr. Dan, and I think I was pretty massively overdue.

My pancreas is crashing, which I kinda already suspected, and my thyroid is doing its going-down thing, too.

The answer is Super Food, apparently, which is (as I understand it) freshly mowed grass with stuff in it. Stacy says, “You can do it the grown-up way or the kid way to make it palatable.” I said, “Which way involves vodka?” (Which is a joke since I don’t actually drink, and certainly can’t with a pissed-off pancreas.)

So, the Super Food, Trace Mineral B-12s, topical application of Wheat Germ Oil to my section scar (which, for some weird reason, is acting up again), and Super Enzymes with each meal – that’s what I get to do for now.

The thing is, a pancreas-thyroid connection like that is almost always emotional. There really are no other related systems energetically, and it means that I’m not dealing with something or that some kind of emotional thing is bothering me. I thought I’d gotten through this last hit pretty well, but maybe not. I guess we’ll just have to see what comes up as the issues start unlocking.

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