Earth Day is coming up…

… but I’m not doing an egg this year. Every year, it’s been lots of oooo’s and aaaaah’s, but I really can’t afford to devote the time necessary to make it unless I know someone was going to buy it. That’s just how crunched for time I am.

Of course, if someone DID want their very own globe of Earth painted on an empty chicken egg (this is the only egg I make that is not filled with plaster) and they were willing to pay the $35 it costs, I would reconsider, but it would also not be ready in time for Earth Day. *shrug*

Above and beyond that, in the next week or two, tickets will go on sale for EarthDance Austin. It’s a huge event being held September 25 through the 27th with tons of bands, vendors, artists, and more. It’s all about loving the planet and raising money for charity. You know you want to be there. Tickets are currently only $69 for all three days, but those prices go up after July 17th. (I may have to double-check that, but yeah.)

Stay tuned.

Besides that, it’s my day off. Let’s see if I can make it a whole day without working on ANYTHING. …. aaaaaaand, I’ve already failed.

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