Gasp, gurgle, gasp

As I come up for air, I dare say I should be sharing with you that which has kept me from you lo these past long weeks.  Gentle reader, it has not been neglect or disinterest but rather a more noble pursuit, of which here shall I share with you a snippet of that which has plagued my near-every moment:

“Okay, you’ve been through your attunement, you got a little dizzy, you drank a lot of water, and you had a serious case of the giggles. Or maybe you felt remarkably grounded, or you were really hungry, or suddenly you found yourself sober and thoughtful. It doesn’t matter. You now have Reiki.

“Your first task is to learn how to turn it on. It is very simple and easy: just ask it. It can be a simple key such as, ‘Reiki, please attend me,’ or it can be silly (‘Reiki Powers, ACTIVATE!’) or it can be elaborate (‘I humbly request the presence of Reiki within my spirit and hands in order to act in the highest good of the goodness of all.’). It doesn’t really matter because it’s the intention that is the true key.

“There is a common saying in Reiki: ‘When ego goes, Reiki flows.’

“When you sit there and second-guess and think about what’s going on with your hands – they’re really hot! – or if you are really feeling what you think you’re feeling (‘Is that cold and prickly, or is it more like an electric thing, or maybe it’s actually kind of warm…’), it’s really hard to pick up on what Reiki is doing or even if it’s working. Reiki is technically still flowing – you just aren’t perceiving the sensation because your head-noise is getting in the way.

“Just relax. Let yourself fall into a kind of light trance as you work with it. Breathe out through your hands and feel Reiki well up there. At the first degree, Reiki is primarily present in your hands, and especially through the chakras on your palms. Play with it, enjoy it, and you will learn the language that Reiki will develop with you.”

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