Getting back to fine

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

There is still an awful lot to do to get the new house completely liveable, but the difference now is that there’s an end in sight. At the old house, every completed project just led to more and more projects, and it never stopped. Now, there’s a specific image for the house that can and will be achieved soon.

It’s taking a huge amount of organizational skills to move from a 1900-sq-ft space into a 900-sq-ft space, but I consider that a good thing. It’s easier to keep a smaller space clean than a larger one, and being able to honestly say “we don’t have room for that” will cut down on a lot of the clutter that accumulates. Clutter has become my bane, and this move brings a much-needed relief.

This is all part of getting my personal path back on track. I embrace it despite the fears that nigle. Everything unfolds as it is intended, even if we don’t know what the end result will be.

— Dawn Ellis-Lopez

“Only those that attempt the absurd, achieve the impossible.”

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