Getting there…

So, I tried to go to bed at 6 yesterday evening because 1) I was really tired and 2) I had to be up at 1:30 so that I could take Kira to the airport.

I managed to sleep until 10:30ish, and then not well when you take into consideration that the Stars were playing the Blue Jackets and Louis Erricson got a hat-trick. It was a loud living room.

I stumbled up, working on the CCIIRRCCLLEE some more, and pretended to be awake enough to drive. That lasted until I hit the road, when I was DEFINITELY awake enough to drive, what with white-knuckling it through northern Colorado through freezing fog.

At least it was the middle of the night and devoid of significant amounts of traffic.

I got home just before 7 and crashed out for another three-ish hours, then I got up and talked with Diana about how she’s not on bed-rest, which is, I guess, good…

Besides that, I’m a little brain-dead. I know I need to rearrange my work space so that I can function well, but that’s not as easy as it sounds. I may need to do some moving of furniture. Also, I have a line on a writing gig that could pay really well, but it’s a lot of tight deadlines, so I should probably try to get my cabinet done first.

Also, Daniel is walking. Videos later.

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