Holiday Non-Rush

There is no need to rush or worry about rushing. Everything happens exactly as it’s supposed to.

Yesterday was Daniel and Joseph’s birthday party. It was Joseph’s real birthday, but since Daniel got gipped this year, we rolled ’em together. Several many people showed up, and then I realized that I need some things for the house to make it “guest-ready” (for large groups):

* Floor pillows
* Umbrella stand
* Area rugs
* Baby gate

Then was the OneTechnologies holiday party last night at House of Blues, which was awesome in so many ways, I can’t describe. Ask Joe about that one.

Now, I must change a litter box, do a scrub on the bathroom, and get some food going for a semi-impromptu potluck this evening.

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  1. December 6, 2009

    Several many people…that hurt to read.

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