I’m not ignoring you, I’ve just been insanely busy.

And it’s not going to get any better until… well, later sometime.

So, as you know, we’ve decided to move from Wyoming back down to Texas. In preparation for that, there are a metric butt-ton of things that have to happen, not the least of which is:

1) Joe finding a job down there
2) Selling the house here
3) Packing all of our stuff
4) Finishing the kitchen
5) Getting the immunization issues covered so that
6) The kids can get enrolled in the Denton County schools

I popped down to Dallas area this weekend for an alleged Board of Directors meeting for EarthDance Austin and it was… well, the topic of another post. While I was hoofing it around Apache Pass, though, Joe was driving down from Wyoming in our car. We hung out together on Sunday, including looking at an awesome house in Denton that we are definitely going to work at getting, and then we saw my bestest buddy Kasie and her kids, and then we had dinner at Ghengis Grill (oh, how I missed that!), and then we snuggled… and Monday (yesterday) I drove the car back up to Wyoming.

As muscle-sore as I am, I have a brazillion things to do today, including doing more packing and getting some EDA stuff out of the way. And other things, too.

I’m saving the long version for later when I can effectively devote more time to it. I’m sorry if I didn’t get to see you while I was in town, I literally had NO extra time at all, but the good news is that I’m moving back, so it’s not like you’re never going to see me again.

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