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Our schedule got slightly buggered from not having quite as much vacation time as we’d thought, but we did not manage to leave on Sunday as we’d planned – and it’s a good thing, too, since there was a tornado in Dumas at the same time we would have been driving through, and that would have sucked. Instead, we left at 3 in the morning on Monday – just like we did to get out there – and we arrived home at just before 6 in the evening. We even got to watch the hockey game.

Lili, Miles, Daniel, and I all had appointments on Tuesday morning (yay for minivan!), and we went in to get our routines adjusted a little. My thyroid is PISSED, but I think we’re getting closer to resolving whatever weird issues its decided it wants to have. I gave Dan a heads-up about Kira’s history so that he can do a little refreshing prior to her arrival, and he was grateful for that. I also had an ionic foot-bath yesterday afternoon, and it was GROOOOOOSS. I feel better, though. Yay!

Friday night: Arrived, helped put out chairs in the backyard, visited with newly-introduced niece and nephew.

Saturday: Finished setting up for 50th Wedding Anniversary of the In-Laws, and it was good. Didn’t kill my sister-in-law despite her obvious begging to that end (someone needs a stress management course), and avoided bad scenes all the way around by sneaking off periodically.

Sunday morning: Got the kids (including 15yo nephew) to help me break everything down, get dishes inside, stack tables and chairs, etc. Done by 10. Suicidal sister-in-law didn’t get there until noon, I think. My sister Diana showed up and broke my toe (although not on purpose, obviously) and whisked our mother off for a day of torture watching pre-K dance recitals.

Sunday afternoon: Went to see Rachelle sing, then met her and co. at the Flying Saucer. Everyone abandoned me except peglegpete, who was funny and entertaining.

Sunday evening: Finally got in touch with Diana, went to pick up my mom, gave Diana shit about breaking my toe (this is a theme now), scared her kids straight, got back to Oak Cliff around 11.

Monday: We found out where Sprouts is and just HAD to go, which was awesome because I got some Comfrey for my broken toe. That shit works reel gud. Buffalo for less than we get it here in Wyoming? Awesome! Then we went to Genghis Grill for lunch, which was also awesome. Joe and I each had second bowls, and Nana and I enticed the waitress with positive healthy living. After that, we hung out at Barnes and Nobles for a while, where I discovered that I’d finally gotten paid, so I let the kids all buy a book. Finally, we made it to Hooters to watch Game 6 of the Detroit-Dallas hockey series (conference finals) and were disappointed though not surprised with the outcome (Stars lost). Debbie and her family showed up, as did Hector, Tre, and Tre’s… consort. We went home, slept. Eventually.

Monday night/Tuesday morning: Joseph crawls into bed with us, running a 103 fever. Our quest for White Willow tincture was fruitless. We covered him in cool rags and let it run its course.

Tuesday: Called the Country Doctor to find out what the heck is going on, and it turns out to be a flu bug. Joe and I run to Sprouts again to get more stuff for the flu, head home and dose everyone, then we head out for our own day together. We went to the the Labyrinth to pick up stuff for workings and school, then to the hockey shop (can’t remember the name, but they had a girlfriend bench), and then to Half-Price Books. $85 got us two HUGE armfuls of books, including stuff for school and comics. Dinner at Sol’s Taco Lounge was cut short by a panic attack as we thought we saw my ex in there. We snuck out the back. It wasn’t brave, but it was wise.

Wednesday: Joseph was feeling better, so we went to go see Speed Racer at the IMAX. It was amazing – much better than I expected – and seeing it at the IMAX detracted from any plot holes that may or may not have happened. It was just fun, without taking itself too seriously. Definitely DVD candidate.

Wednesday night: I drove Daniel out to see Dave. That didn’t go terribly well. I don’t know if Daniel was just cranky from being sick or if Dave’s hair scared him that bad.

Thursday: Grandma took the kids out to Toys R Us while Joe, Nana, Daniel, and I took the damn van in to trade it out with something that didn’t sound like it was grinding its rotors to nothingness. Then, we went to lunch at Genroku Sushi Restaurant and stuffed ourselves awesome. After that, it was just about time to find the Shabby Sheep for their Thursday night PJs and Purls stitch n’ bitch. VERY cool people, amazing selections of yarns, and Ravelers discounts! What could be better? Maybe meeting up with Mamatat and Rubysoho from the PunkyMoms boards, again at the Flying Saucer (mainly because I knew where it was). Elizabeth met us there, too, but she was very, very quiet. Mamatat makes hair flower clips and more – you should check them out and buy tons!

Friday: Joe took Lili and Miles ice-skating, which was totally the coolest thing ever (no pun intended), but he did manage to completely wrench his back while doing so, so he was in a pretty big amount of pain. That evening, Kids n’ Cousins went off okay at Diana’s house. We went again to Sprouts to buy stuff for the festivities, with much food and beer. And Bailey’s. It was weird to have Nana there at all (normally it’s just the sibs), but it went okay, I think. We kidnapped Dani for a trip to Scarby.

Saturday: Joe’s back was still agony, and Momma Lopez was still sick (getting over that flu that Joseph had), so Nana, Lili, Miles, Dani, and I all went to Scarby in garb in the car very far with a pickle jar to sit at the bar and not smell tar but maybe eat gar and act like a tzar instead of a butthead. Ran into many people there, some of whom made me very uncomfortable. It was hot. I bought a fan. Also, some Willow Tincture (WOOO!) and got a couple of massages. I bought the kids a lot of fun crap to play with. <3 Sunday: We started to pack. No, really. And then, nothing happened. Just packed, that’s it. Kinda in the car… but not really.

Monday morning, 3 am MDT: We finally got loaded after a full four hours of intensely broken sleep. Much hugs and near-tears and feeling like we forgot something really, really important… but we haven’t found anything yet that was left behind, except maybe a sense of regret at not being able to stay longer to spend time with family, not counting the feeling of toxicity that pervades after a very short period of time.

Monday evening, 6 pm MDT: We got home. Mostly. It was 85 deg F with 70% humidity in Dallas when we left. It was 43 deg F with 10% humidity in Wyoming when we got home. It’s nice to be able to breathe again.

And now… it’s time to clean house, throw stuff out, and get serious about sustainability. We’re looking at a minicow, maybe some goats, a few angora bunnies, an alpaca perhaps?, some chickens… probably chickens first.

And a windmill with solar panels in the shape of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the back.

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