How many hit points do I have left?

Yesterday, I accomplished a great deal, including, as you’ll recall, taking that glucose test in the morning.

That has gone from a mere annoyance to a full-blown issue: I flunked.

As they say, “Bloody hell.”

I didn’t just flunk a little. Oh, no. That would be too easy. No, my top reading could have been 140, and that would have been okay, but I had to be an overachiever and get a reading of 180 after an hour.

What does that mean? Firstly, it means that I have to take the THREE-hour glucose test when I get back from New Orleans. If I flunk THAT one, then it means that I’ve definitely developed gestational diabetes. And what does THAT mean?

Well, it means that I have to watch what I eat, be really careful, and I get an extra measurement when I go in for the NSTs every week. If Daniel puts on too much baby fat, we’re looking at either an early induction or a c-section. Oh, wait… we’re already looking at that anyway…

I’m not terribly freaked out, and I’m not really surprised, either. Gestational diabetes runs in the family, as does Type II, I’m almost 34 years old, this is my sixth pregnancy… I just count myself really, really lucky to have dodged the bullet thus far, but sometimes even MY luck runs out.

Speaking of luck, though, maybe you remember from last year when the Egg Council used a lame skiing snowman egg painted by some employee’s kid from Indiana or something to represent Wyoming in the Annual White House Egg Display. I took this as a bit of an affront since the Egg Council apparently didn’t think that there were any actual artists in Wyoming to try to contact. I wrote to Gov. Dave’s office and let them know that if the issue came up again, they should call me.

And, they did!

I have until November 16 to paint an egg for the Egg Council. Wish me luck!

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  1. September 21, 2007

    Oooooh, that sucks major. Time for you to go GI! Whole grain bread and pasta for you, my dear, and no more spuds. Potatoes are pure sugary evil; as soon as they touch your tongue the starch is converted to sugar by the amylase in your spit.

    Good luck on the egg painting!

  2. September 22, 2007

    here’s hoping that test was just a horrible fluke test anyway!

    and wooo, best of luck on that egg painting!!!

  3. September 22, 2007

    I thought of you when I heard that story about the painted egg last year. Congrats on getting to make thie year’s!

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