Howdy from lovely Costa Rica!

So, we got internets stable finally, but it required going up to the observation deck (also known as the “discotech”). And then there was the very important business of getting caught up on comics from the last couple of days.

A few points of awesome:

* I broke down and bought a bikini. It doesn’t look terrible.

* We spent a good deal of time yesterday being exceptionally active – using the workout room, swimming a lot, walking around. I’m even just a little sore in the muscles.

* Yes, it’s all working out fine, thanks for asking.

* Today, I get a massage at 1 – and boy howdy, am I looking forward to that.

* Before the massage, I think we’ll go have some lunch, which I think they should be serving just about any minute now.

* Two-mix drinks are poured a lot stronger than pre-mix drinks, which is to say, if I liked the syrupy sweet, I could drink pina coladas all day without more than a slight buzz, but doing two rum and cokes knocked me on my ass.

* Hey, Kasey! I picked out your cabana boy! I’m totally taking a picture for you. His name is Manuel and he likes to work out, make sure that people put their used towels where they belong, and walk around with his lean, hot muscles, all day.

* I think we’ll just play pool later instead of getting in the pool. I think I’ve gotten enough sun already, thankyouverymuch.

Okay, my stomach is trying to eat itself. It’s time to have lunch.

Oh! Before I forget, animals seen so far:

* monitor lizard (lives under the stairs going up to the 1200 floor suites)
* iguanas (everywhere)
* baby geckos (mainly in our room)
* grackels (make sure that there is no wasted food, ever)
* pelicans
* funky blue-jay-ish birds with single feather crests on top
* doves
* fish (in the waves – INSIDE the waves right before they crash)
* ENORMOUS butterflies

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  1. February 21, 2010

    That sounds so amazing!!!!!!!!! You totally deserve it! I would love to soak up some sun & get a massage-hello heaven! Enjoy!! <3

  2. February 21, 2010

    You’re in Costa Rica, for crying out loud! The comics can wait. They’ll still be there when you get back. Pack away the computer and enjoy the place you’re in; you’ll be back home soon enough.

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