I am … pissed.

And, really, it’s nothing that anyone… okay, that was about to be a big fat lie to myself.

There are specific people who are directly responsible for the things that I’m pissed off about. The more accurate way of saying it is that there was no direct malice involved, but that can only go so far to mitigate the anger when significant damage has been done.

If damage is done to me, okay, no big deal, but if you end up creating a situation where my friends get screwed, or – gods forbid – my kids are screwed, then the Paying of Hell comes down.

Now, the shitty thing is that there’s no real recourse to make the responsible parties accountable. Even if they were aware of their sins, there are no resources to make it all better. The rage and vitriol are impotent in regards to vengeance, and that just irritates me more.

So, I’ll use the energy to make things better, to maybe manifest something awesome for all parties involved. Number crunching should be a happy pass-time, but every now and again, it causes brief moments of panic.

In related news: RSVP today, please, if you’re coming to our thing tomorrow. Turkey and meatloaf are the main dishes, so please plan a side-dish accordingly. <3

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