I can do it!

No, really. I can. I says so right here in my contract.

It feels dumb and redundant to say “I’m not dead”, everyone knows that, because if I was, I’d already have haunted every single one of you. It’s on my “to do after I die” list. Right after, “scare the Pope Jewish”.

EarthDance Austin is moving right along, and I think the tickets are going to stay at $95 for here and at the door. Part of this is that we’re scaling back to two stages so that we can focus on showcasing the absolute best, but a lot of it is the heavy-hitter competition we have rolling out that same weekend and then the following weekend. But you really want to just come hang out with us. All the cool kids are doing EarthDance, don’t you want to be cool?

There’s a new Spicy Horse project I’m working on, but I’m not sure if I can discuss the details. Yes, it’s an Alice II thing. No, it’s not a demo.

silvermane117 is hopefully probably going to be here next week to help me actually finish out all of the work that we have to on the house to get it ready for sale. I really want to paint the roof white to cut down on the cooling costs – the UN says it drops interior temperatures significantly – but it can’t be a priority yet, and I’m not sure it’ll do anything for the resale value.

Of course, in order to have the room to get the house ready, I have to clear out the boxes and get them packed off into better containers. FUN. In the “so not” kind of way.

Oh, crap, I forgot to call Arrow Moving and Storage…

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